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Spring cleaning (and tidying)

First of all to write about what I’ve just done because I’m dead pleased with it! I’m not very good at pruning my ornamentals – never know when to do what. So unless Monty tells me on a Friday night, … Continue reading

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Tidying up

The good news is that I finished pruning the orchard on 25th February – earliest finish yet, I think. I’m planning a proper blog post about it soon, and maybe an accompanying video, if I get around to it before … Continue reading

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Stormy weather

It’s been a really wet and windy winter. The storms started mid-December and don’t seem to have let up yet. On Wednesday, we lost huge chunks of a large conifer behind the shed in the back garden. Luckily it missed … Continue reading

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Compost City

So, this weekend was a busy family weekend, but we did manage to fit in a few hours in the garden today. Keith continued clearing the space for the tree planting in a few weeks. We have lots of neighbours … Continue reading

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No more Kerria japonica

I finished clearing the dreaded Kerria and the Lonicera nitida yukky stuff. The space will have a new fence put up and fresh new planting – spring bulbs on the dark side of the fence by the drive, more colourful … Continue reading

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Garden destruction

I’ve just chopped down loads of Kerria japonica and Lonicera nitida. Very satisfying as I hate both plants and their removal is to make space for some lighter new planting. Here’s the big pile of stuff I have to clear … Continue reading

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