The garden with no name

Hmm, how to describe the space between the hornbeam hedge and secret, wild garden? When we first moved in and our children were small, this was a large grassy area used for games of football. Then, as they grew, it became allotments for our older children. But then one of them moved to a house with a large garden of her own, and the other had 4 children in less than 5 years and little time for an allotment. Now it houses the trampoline and climbing frame used by those grandchildren, and an undefined space.



In 2013, Keith sowed it with a wildflower mix and this was a huge success that we hope to repeat. In the long run we’d like a polytunnel here. Also in this space is the raspberry cage that was here when we moved in. At first we tried to renovate and work with this, but there are simply too many weeds, mainly couch grass. Currently, the plan is to remove this when we are ready to move the polytunnel plan forward.

From the wildflower meadow

From the wildflower meadow

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