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Organic gardening, chook keeping, permaculture, knitting, sewing, cooking, in lovely Warwickshire in the English midlands.

Not quite ‘good-bye’

I haven’t blogged in a while because I’ve been working behind the scenes moving this blog over, as much as I can, to¬†The reason for the change is that I feel I’ve outgrown this free wordpress platform, and need … Continue reading

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Potato Day and Seedy Sunday

Wow what a busy weekend – and no time for gardening! Saturday was Heart of England Organic Group‘s annual potato day – always on the first Saturday of February if you want to put it in your diary for evermore. … Continue reading

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Exciting start to 2017

I spent a lovely weekend at Graceworks¬†on an Introduction to Permaculture course. I actually did this same course this time last year, and hoped it would lead to a full Permaculture Design Course (PDC). But there weren’t enough folk interested … Continue reading

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This blog is not my life!

I read recently on the BBC that social media can damage your mental health. The idea behind the article was that looking enviously at other people’s lives, as portrayed on Facebook etc. is bad for you as you compare your … Continue reading

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Christmas at Home on the Hill

Christmas is a pretty big deal round here – I know it’s not everyone favourite time of year and some people find it incredibly difficult, but I love it. A time for celebrating whatever good we can find in the … Continue reading

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Autumn diary

I had meant to try and write a short post each week, including diary updates of what I’ve been up to in the garden, but I got a bit sidelined into something else important. Oh well… So for this post … Continue reading

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After a bit of a break I decided to grow chillies again this year. This was after I was given some seeds as a Christmas gift. I haven’t bothered for a few years as I always grew far more than … Continue reading

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Potatoes 2016

I thought I’d write short reviews of the crops I grew this year and ideas of what i want to do differently next year. So I’ll start with the potatoes I harvested a few weekends ago. They were Sarpo Mira, … Continue reading

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Great Garage Tidy 2016

Okay, so it’s not gardening related, but it is what I did with my weekend and I thought it worth documenting for future reference. We’ve been on holiday from work for the last 2 weeks. We had a brief break … Continue reading

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Cuttings v2.0

Sorry for the shock – 2 blog posts in so short a time. Yep, it’s time for another relaunch of Home on the Hill. You see, the main purpose of this blog is as a bit of a diary for … Continue reading

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