This central part of the garden is the engine room of the garden. It’s not a clearly defined space as it includes the greenhouse, sheds, compost bins, but not the bees or chooks.

The greenhouse is a Rhino one, and has extra strong re-enforced glass so there is no danger to children (or careless adults). It is used each summer to grow lots and lots of tomatoes, plus some basil and salad crops. It also produces salads throughout the winter. In spring the benches will be full of seedlings for the veg and ornamental beds. The propagators also live in here and are used to root cuttings, such as privet (to fill gaps in the hedge for the back garden), lavender, cotton lavender, rosemary and box.

Tomato seedling

Tomato seedling

The green metal shed is mainly used for storing chook feed, tools and pots. The black shed is the potting shed.

Potting shed

Potting shed

In case of zombie attack...

In case of zombie attack…

The compost bins by the chicken run and vegetable plot as these areas generate most of the material for the compost bins. We recently acquired an electric shredder and hope that this will improve our composting.

Compost bins

Compost bins

Also worth noting in this part of the garden is the abundance of water butts. Rainwater harvesting is an important part of gardening and water is collected from the greenhouse roof and the black shed roof. There are also plans to install a butt to gather the water from the chook house roof. Additionally, there is a hose installed to syphon the water gathered in the metal container by the geranda down to these lower butts where it is needed more.

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