This blog is about our garden – it’s very large, almost an acre. It’s on a south facing slope in Warwickshire, with pretty good soil. Lucky me! There’s lots of different areas including an orchard, vegetable plots, ornamental areas, cut flower beds, willow fedges and a wildlife pond.

This is a working garden, by which I mean that its purpose is not for ostentatious display of horticultural excellence, but to provide those who live here, with food, relaxation, and a place to live their lives. Function always takes precedence over appearance.

We moved here in 1998, with lots of gardening enthusiasm, but no real idea what we had taken on! Much of the basic structure of the garden was already in place, but lots of it was more field than garden. Over the years, we’ve had various madcap ideas and tried lots of things. Working at Garden Organic and gaining some horticultural qualifications helped considerably!

When I’m not gardening, or knitting, I have a full time job in public health. My husband, Keith, works in IT and is an amateur musician, performing locally with Crow’s Feet and various other bands.

Have a look around. Enjoy. Tell me what you think!

Carrie 🙂

2 Responses to About

  1. Dear Carrie,

    We are a mental health project in Birmingham and currently looking at developing our garden/s and some form of herb production. We are seeking expertise with this.

    Best wishes


    • homeonthehill says:

      Hello Michael

      I’m working full time these days, so don’t do anything horticultural other than my own garden at the moment. For help, I suggest you contact The Herb Society, Garden Organic or the Permaculture Association. Hopefully, one of these organisations will be able to put you in touch with someone locally who can help you. Good luck….Carrie

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