This garden was re-developed in 2013. The new fencing on top of the walls serves to both enclose the courtyard, and make the back garden grandchildren-friendly as they now longer risk breaking their necks falling off the lawn chasing bubbles! The fencing has lights around it to light the area after dark. The planting includes Verbena bonariensis, Passiflora caerulea (passion flower) and various clematis species. Thyme, chives and runner beans have been added to provide food right outside the kitchen window. In pots by the back door are bay and basil.



The chimenea is a great focal point on a cool summer evening, and has been used to consume lots of ash from the trees that were removed to let more light in. An old sink has been planted with alpines to add to the diversity. The tree by the gates is Rosaceae family – if anyone can tell me more, I’d be grateful.


The gates are more upcycling – they came from our daughter’s new house, when she decided they were lovely but too insecure. With the fencing and the entrance arch and gates, this garden now gets much more use and feels enclosed. It can be seen from 3 rooms in the house, and we walk through it almost every day to reach our cars, so it has been time and money well spent.


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