Stormy weather

It’s been a really wet and windy winter. The storms started mid-December and don’t seem to have let up yet. On Wednesday, we lost huge chunks of a large conifer behind the shed in the back garden. Luckily it missed the phone line, or we’d have no internet! It also missed the Amelanchier, but did bring down big chunks of willow. Actually the willow is in the wrong place – this is the driest part of the garden and the willow isn’t terribly healthy – it may have to go!

Anyway, I tried to take some photos but I’m not sure they really convey the damage well.



SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASo we spent most of Saturday tidying up as best we could – but there is a mountain of tree to shred and take to the tip.

To add to the mess, we had arranged for Rowan and Kyle to come and take some more ash down for us. This was a multi-stemmed tree that was looking precarious since our neighbour cut his side down. So despite the gale force winds, Rowan climbed the tree and chopped it down. So now we have a mountain of conifer in the back garden, and a mountain of ash in the front garden. It’s probably bonfire time once the winds die down!




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1 Response to Stormy weather

  1. The wind does wild things to the order we put things in, these are some incredible pictures!

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