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Christmas at Home on the Hill

Christmas is a pretty big deal round here – I know it’s not everyone favourite time of year and some people find it incredibly difficult, but I love it. A time for celebrating whatever good we can find in the … Continue reading

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In short, we would like to see more flowers

I think it’s probably true to say that most of the people who came to our garden open day were attracted by the music, and less people came because they’re interested in organic gardening, local food production and permaculture. For … Continue reading

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Garden open and day and music afternoon SUCCESS!

Yay, we did it! The sun shone (a bit), the musicians played, helpers made tea and served cake (thanks to Anna, Dot and Sorrel). Around 100 paying guests came, plus children. In total we made £430 for Friends of the … Continue reading

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Open garden and music afternoon

  Yes, I’m actually doing it – hopefully the music will distract folk from the weeds a little! Anyway, more details on my Facebook page, and some videos of Keith’s music on YouTube – see you there?

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Spring cleaning (and tidying)

First of all to write about what I’ve just done because I’m dead pleased with it! I’m not very good at pruning my ornamentals – never know when to do what. So unless Monty tells me on a Friday night, … Continue reading

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Tree planting

About this time of year, we try to have some kind of family and friends gardening day, with a big breakfast. Apparently it’s farmhouse breakfast week, so that’s an excuse for lovely local sausages, bacon, eggs from the chooks, and … Continue reading

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Christmas pictures

So, some blogs I follow are more picture based, than words. I’m not a very visual person, so that isn’t really my style. But I thought I’d have a go at a picture based blog of the decorations I put … Continue reading

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Compost City

So, this weekend was a busy family weekend, but we did manage to fit in a few hours in the garden today. Keith continued clearing the space for the tree planting in a few weeks. We have lots of neighbours … Continue reading

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New Year Resolution

That’s  a scary title if ever I saw one! Declaring my New Year resolutions in public is so not my style. But anyway… I resolve to blog more. I know a few people read and follow this blog, but not … Continue reading

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Craft update – wall hangings

A few weeks ago I merged my 2 blogs – Home on the Hill was the original (gardening) blog and End of the Bumpy Road was a badly maintained craft-focussed blog. So now they are one, it’s time for a … Continue reading

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