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New season begins with the Edible Garden Show and a HEOG meeting

So the 2016 season is off to a good start with a trip to the Edible Garden Show and the first HEOG meeting of the year. We had booked tickets for the Edible Garden Show way back in the autumn … Continue reading

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Why I won’t be getting a spinning wheel (yet)

For ages I’ve had a hankering to learn to spin – not the exercise bike kinda spin, but spin yarn from sheep fleece. Last July I joined in Tour de Fleece and taught myself how to use a drop spindle. … Continue reading

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Final notes on fruit tree pruning

I think I’ve got a bit obsessed about pruning my fruit trees – still, I think this is the last word on the matter. There are basically 2 schools of thought when it comes to how to prune apple and … Continue reading

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A few days off

Just wanted to write a quick post before I go back to work tomorrow. I’ve been off since Wednesday (it’s Tuesday today) and have done loads in the garden, plus a few extra bits too. Thursday and Friday mornings were … Continue reading

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Spring cleaning (and tidying)

First of all to write about what I’ve just done because I’m dead pleased with it! I’m not very good at pruning my ornamentals – never know when to do what. So unless Monty tells me on a Friday night, … Continue reading

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Tidying up

The good news is that I finished pruning the orchard on 25th February – earliest finish yet, I think. I’m planning a proper blog post about it soon, and maybe an accompanying video, if I get around to it before … Continue reading

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Pruning fruit trees in March – part 2

Some years ago, I wrote a post about how to winter prune apples and pears, based on instructions from Bob Sherman, of Garden Organic. This post gets the most hits on this blog – it seems a topic many people … Continue reading

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I need a sit down

I’m just coming to the end of my week off and it’s been very productive. But I need to go back to work for a sit-down. The big achievements are that I finished pruning the orchard, and moved into the … Continue reading

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Pruning fruit trees in March

Just editing this to add that I wrote an update. I’ve spent lots of time since November pruning the apple and pear trees, so I thought it was time for a ‘how-to’ blog post. Most of what I need to … Continue reading

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Herb gardens old and new

Actually, before I launch into talking about my new and old herb garden, the main news this month is that I have new chickens. The idea is to breed meat birds from them – I’ll keep you posted with how … Continue reading

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