Autumn diary

I had meant to try and write a short post each week, including diary updates of what I’ve been up to in the garden, but I got a bit sidelined into something else important. Oh well…

So for this post here’s a quick list of what’s happened since the great garage tidy:

  • compost all turned, making room for dead plants from the autumn tidy
  • harvesting – spuds and chillies I’ve written about, plus squash, bean seeds, calendula seeds, parsnips
  • clearing of the vege patch has begun
  • greenhouse all cleared out and tidied – spent tomato compost bagged up to go onto the vege patch soon, half-hardy plants moved inside
  • Elaine has developed a new shrub border at the top of the orchard by the drive and filled it with some cheap buys and things re-homed from the chook run
  • Elaine has also tidied the naked garden borders for the winter – not too tidy, leaving stems and seed heads for the birds, but tidy enough to not look abandoned
  • tulips ordered and waiting to be planted
  • plans made for a new shrub border in the back garden
  • pergola removed and all the gravel re-homed – mostly by Keith, not me
  • holiday in Cornwall including 2 whole days at the Eden Project
  • had a letter published in Permaculture Magazine
  • put net on the top pond to stop it getting full of leaves
  • planted a Rosa rugosa in the woodland

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Part of writing this blog is taking lots of photos and I’ve been struggling to find a way to store and categorise them. The set up is that I have a rather old laptop where some pictures can be stored, but we also have a large hub drive where we store all our photos together, organised by month. Generally I take 2 kinds of photo – garden ones and band/music ones. I have been storing them all on the hub drive and using Windows Photo Gallery to tag them. But this isn’t working well. Tagging takes forever – partly because I have been categorising everything and tagging every musician I know. Also, retrieving stuff off the hub is slow. So I’m about to start again! Plan B is to store garden images on the laptop, backed up to the hub drive, but with the primary source being the laptop. I’ll point Photo Gallery at the laptop drive, and leave the music pics on the hub drive for Keith to organise if he feels so inclined. I think this will work better. Also now I’ve had a bit of a play with Photo Gallery I have a better idea how it works and how best to develop a set of tags that works for me. Still, it’s a big job so if I’m quiet for a while it’s because I’m organising my photo library.

About Home on the Hill

Organic gardening, chook keeping, permaculture, knitting, sewing, cooking, in lovely Warwickshire in the English midlands.
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