Mystery greenhouse pests

In an attempt to get more use out of the greenhouse in Winter (and to prove to himself that a polytunnel is a great idea), I planted some winter salad crops in large containers under the benches. My plan is to pull these out into the centre where there is more light, once the tomatoes are gone.

Anyway, on Friday, I decided to add some spinach as the seeds were on offer in Blooms. This is when I noticed that the salads are struggling rather.


Clearly being nibbled by something. But I didn’t have my glasses on, so had to be content with a quick check for slugs – didn’t find any. Next day, I went back equipped with specs to find the culprits.


(excuse the dodgy photo – haven’t quite got the hang of my new iToy yet)

Found lots and lots of caterpillars – I fed them to the chooks! I guess that’s the price you pay for a summer of butterflies. But what now? Should I rip these plants out and start again, or will they recover? Definitely need more caterpillar patrols, though.

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Organic gardening, chook keeping, permaculture, knitting, sewing, cooking, in lovely Warwickshire in the English midlands.
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2 Responses to Mystery greenhouse pests

  1. Maggi Brown says:

    caterpillars are little buggers. Whenever I bring plants in to overwinter, I always scrape off the top 1 cm of soil as if not, I find that tiny little munchers just carry on eating all through winter. Almost too small to see. And in the greenhouse – well that would be heaven on earth for them! Glad you found them (all?). And I grow stuff like spinach and mixed salads in the greenhouse all winter – lovely stuff.

  2. I think they were laid (hatched?) after the plants were established as I planted the seeds directly in these large pots in new compost. Hoping to get some salad through the winter!

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