Courtyard Work in Progress

At the back of our house there’s a space that we’ve never really done much with, although it’s part we can see from the kitchen and study, as we walk through it almost daily to get to the cars. So we decided that one of our projects for 2012 was to do something with this space. We call it the courtyard. Inspired by visits to antiques centres, Keith started arranging some of our junk in this space. Not antiques exactly, but as good as some stuff we see for sale.

Also, as part of tidying up elsewhere, I rediscovered a Belfast sink and moved it to the courtyard (well, I got Keith to move it). Today I planted that sink up with some lovely alpines – no big horticultural choice here, just what was on the 4 for £10 offer at Blooms. There is Phlox divaricata ‘Chattahoochee’, Sedum pulchellum ‘Sea Star’, Mazus reptans ‘Albus’, Lithodora diffusa ‘Grace Ward’, Gypsophila cerastiodes ‘Baby’s Breath’, Aubretia ‘Audrey Light Blue’, Sedum ‘Lydium’ and Saxifraga ‘London Pride’.

The next part of the plan is to remove some of the overhanging ash trees, add some fencing to separate this space from the rest of the back garden, and add some pretty fairy lights.

Here’s some work in progress pics:


And finally, there were some ducks on the pond last night. It was getting dark so I had difficulty getting a clear shot, but…Image

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Organic gardening, chook keeping, permaculture, knitting, sewing, cooking, in lovely Warwickshire in the English midlands.
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