Quilt for a new baby

So, I’ve been working on the quilt for Al and Lucy’s new baby. She is due on April 6th. I have the top pieced and the backing fabric purchased. Once I’ve done this blogpost, I’m going to tack the three layers together.

The idea for this pattern came from RetroMummy – but hers is much larger. But like hers, I plan to free-motion quilt it. It’ll be the first quilt I’ve done that to, but I think I can cope. Then I’m going to make a binding by chain piecing lots of the different fabrics in it together.
My plan was to try and get a quilt for a baby boy and a quilt for a baby girl stashed away so I always have one ready. But this one is spoken for, for Al and Lucy’s new baby. So I need to get straight on to another girl quilt once this one is finished. I bought a jelly roll of lots of these pretty pink and pastel fabrics, so I thought I’d try this pattern described on GreenStitch.
I’ve also been knitting – and going to a knitting group, KnitWits in Coventry. So far it’s proved very useful as I need lots of advice since I don’t really know what I’m doing. It’s also made me realise that what i really like to wear are the kinds of knitting that take an age to make – not big chunky lacy knits, but slow plain fabrics with lighter yarn and small needles. Also, I’ve decided to try knitting patterns that are meant to go with the yarn for a while, as I think that will be more successful. I’m going to start with these socks from Easy Knits:
I’ve also finished this cardigan for the new baby:

And been working on a cowl for me:
Keith’s waistcoat is still ongoing but I’m on the second front now. So on the home straight.
Often at this time of year, I like to make a craft plan for the year ahead – but I’m less sure this year than previous years. Still, here goes:
  • finish set of cross-stitch wall hangings – just Summer Solstice to do
  • new baby girl quilt
  • improve quilting skills generally
  • finish cord skirt for me
  • blouse muslin with fba for me
  • knit some fancy socks
  • knit me a cardigan
  • finish Keith’s waistcoat
  • knit me a lovely hat for next winter

Other ideas include knitting some fancy scarves inspired by Carol Klein, making a quilt for our bed (yeah, right), knitting gloves and more quilts. Well, we’ll see – watch this space!

About Home on the Hill

Organic gardening, chook keeping, permaculture, knitting, sewing, cooking, in lovely Warwickshire in the English midlands.
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2 Responses to Quilt for a new baby

  1. Anne K. says:

    Carrie, thanks so much for leaving your comment and listening to GreenStitch! I love your new baby quilt in progress and I gasped with joy when I saw your photos – that's the exact same collection I just got to make a quilt for my new little niece on the way! I just never buy fabric off the bolt any more, but that stuff is so delicious, I did not hesitate to make an exception! Love the way yours is looking.

  2. Anne K. says:

    Carrie, guess what! You won one of the GreenStitch giveaways!! You and Laurel actually tied for “first choice” so I'll have to get you two together on e-mail to see who would like the felt squares, quilted jewelry roll, or set of Morsbags. E-mail me with your preference when you can – thanks!!!


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