Making Christmas wreaths

Every year, in early December, my herb group get together to make some Christmas wreaths. The starting point for these is a simple ring of honeysuckle or willow. Last winter, when we cut back our willow fedges and arches, we dried and stored the off-cuts. A week before the herb group meeting, I attached several bricks to one of my willow bundles and chucked it in the top pond! A week later, I fished it out with a garden rake and wrapped it in a damp throw and some plastic. I took this to the meeting (it did look a little like a dead body!) and we used the willow to make the basis for our wreaths. Once you have the basic wreath shape, it’s just a case of attaching whatever greenery or dried bits and bobs to create something you like. Here’s some photos from the evening:

Wreath, almost finished

Wreath in progress

I love the pale holly used on this one

Sam, Debs and Sarah behind a pile of dried 'love in a mist'

Another lovely finished wreath

However, I never feel like there’s enough time at herb group, so I took my willow hoop home and had another go a few nights later. I spread a tablecloth on the living room floor and got my dried ‘love in a mist’ and oranges, along with some dried seed heads of St John’s Wort and some wheat that had been sown by the birds. Here’s my finished wreath, hanging on my front door:

And here’s some images of the work in progress:

Use florist's wire to attach small bunches of dried seed heads and dried ornage slices

Close up of the seed heads

Finished wreath

The great thing is that after the season is over, the whole thing can be composted – but I usually hang it on the door of the chicken run until it disintegrates so I can enjoy it a little longer.

The weather this week has been incredibly cold and frosty, with some snow falls too. We may even get a white Christmas! My kids are ridiculously excited for teenagers and we have spent a great day today sewing a Christmas stocking for Erin, baking mince pies and starting to prepare some of the vegetables and accompaniments for Friday’s feast.

Merry Christmas!

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Organic gardening, chook keeping, permaculture, knitting, sewing, cooking, in lovely Warwickshire in the English midlands.
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3 Responses to Making Christmas wreaths

  1. drMolly says:

    Mmmmmmmmm, I love those wreaths. very nice job

  2. Sarah Head says:

    Beautiful photos and lovely article, thanks Carrie!

  3. Debs says:

    Shhhhesssh I look tired in that photo! It was really nice to get together and share a meal, the room always smells so nice with all that greenery. I know what you mean about the meetings never being long enough. Left up to me we’d all meet once a week lol!

    D x

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