Well, it started so well – even posted extra bits and pieces. Then April came around – a busy time in the garden, kids’ GCSEs, a job interview and loads of other work. So now I’m over 2 weeks late posting. Bother!

Still, due to the mayhem, I haven’t taken many photos yet in May so this post will mostly be about the garden in April. Let’s start in the orchard…

Apple blossom

Apple blossom

The blossom was beautiful this year – the best for years. Let’s hope it bodes well for a great crop. Bees are one of the main pollinators for top fruit like apples and the problems with them are very worrying. However, this has been a good spring and, apparently, there have already been more swarms reported in Warwickshire this year than in the whole of 2008. Let’s hope it’s the start of a recovery. I know that some at least of my trees have been pollinated as I can already see tiny fruitlets like these:

Pear fruitlets

Pear fruitlets


The allotments gardened by Alex and Alaric, my son-in-law and son, are looking better than my veg plot which I’ve been too busy to deal with properly – beginner’s luck, I say! They have spuds, onions, carrots, beetroot, cabbages, brussels, all the usual stuff. There are beans, courgettes and tomatoes in the greenhouse waiting for the end of the frosts.

Al's allotment

Al's allotment

The fleece is covering the brassicas to protect them from pests such as pigeons, whitefly and cabbage white butterflies.

The herb garden is growing and filling out really well. I’ll include pictures next time when it’s at it’s best. I’ll also include some recipes for cosmetic lotions and potions.

Finally this month, a picture of my stall at Allesley Walled Garden Market on May 16th.

Allesley Walled Garden Market

Allesley Walled Garden Market

I sold most of the herbs and some booklets.  I may be there again on 20th June, not sure yet as it’s a 36 mile round trip which just about wipes out any profit!

That’s all for April – hopefully I’ll post on time next month – which is only about 2 weeks from now! Thanks to Ian and Keith for the music to accompany my blogging:




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Organic gardening, chook keeping, permaculture, knitting, sewing, cooking, in lovely Warwickshire in the English midlands.
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1 Response to April

  1. Sarah Head says:

    Your blossom picture is glorious, Carrie! I’ve had bees around in the garden for months now. At the moment they’re all over the rasberries, so I’m hoping for a reasonable crop if the pigeons don’t get them first! Good luck with the stall. It looks impressive. Shame about the distance.

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